Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Packing of the Wardrobe Round 1

So, admittedly, I have a pretty big wardrobe at home due to my changing weight.  I also have a habit of saying "but what if one day I want to wear it". That day has yet to come for many pieces.  But packing for 2 months has gotten me thinking.  I first pulled out all the clothes I MIGHT want to take.  Anything that hit my fancy, but I added the stipulation that I needed to have worn it in my day to day routine.

That narrowed down a lot.  Which hey, light bulb moment, maybe I don't really need so much in my life.  Think of all the storage I would have! *another post for another day*

Then I started creating outfits.  I wanted my items to work for multiple outfits, that cut down a few items.  This was my first round of my finalized outfit ideas and items.  It's 50 *heart attack* capsule items.  Now not all the outfits are posted here cause it's just a simple switch of a pair of pants or top or sweater.

My next goal is to try to bring that number down to 30 pieces.  Some, like leggings, I know will be destroyed by the end of the trip.  It's just how they go, hence why I packed a bunch.  Most of my wardrobe is darker toned, with deep reds, blacks, greens and blues.  I feel comfort in these colors, styles and individual pieces.  I also nixed anything that I've worn recently that causes me to tug, fidget or wriggle out of discomfort.  I don't really go to clubs, and I won't be going to SUPER fancy places.
Gotta Admit, my favorite batch of outfits

Eh, this batch was okay

I have been so iffy about that coral blouse, should it stay or go?

The red sweater seems a little too "red white and blue", it's still a maybe. 

4 pairs of leggings, 3 pairs of pj, 5 comfy tops, 2 bathrobes, 5 pairs of shoes, 3 dresses. 

5 tanks, 6 long sleeves, 4 tshirts

I also figure that if I really need something, I have the Zloty Terasy just a few blocks from me, so no fears for that! Let's see how round two goes!

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