Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nesting & Grocery Haul

After a week of living out of my backpack, in a hostel
I'm more than glad to be back at MI6, as I have fondly nicknamed my HQ. I didn't get to 
really settle into my apartment as once I arrived to Poland I was plucked away to 
my relatives homes (which hey beat having homesickness kick in) but I didn't get to go grocery shopping or really nest into my new place. 
I had only some ham, rolls, cheese and yogurts that my land lady left for me as a welcome/ settle in gift. 
Also after arriving back to MI6 at around 2:30am due to really delayed trains, 
a homebody day is just what I need. 
Plus, I didn't really remember where I put half of my stuff either. 
Did I mention how nice it is to have a proper, hot shower, with proper shower products?
Before I left for Krakow I picked up some face wash, face scrub, nail polish remover etc. 
But I didn't take them with as they would take up space and weight and I was not about to add more to my already very heavy pack.

I look forward to some grocery shopping, doing my nails, and bumming.  Maybe even throw in a load of laundry

CAN we just talk about the fact that the washer/dryers in Poland are combos? 
Also to get a full normal wash and dry takes about 6hours!? 
My machines at home don't even take that long!

So, I hope to get onto a normal sleep schedule. 
It also means that I now have to learn how to cook for one person, and start my kitchen/ pantry from scratch.  

I'll post my grocery haul on my channel, 
but here is the link if you are interested. 

Random thoughts for the day:
1. I have a Brita filter so now I don't need to buy bottle after bottle of water. YAY!
2. I need to move a few shelves to make room in my fridge for said filter. 
3. I HAVE ICE CUBE TRAYS... Europe never seems to have enough ice cubes on hot days. 
4. My coffee machine is gonna need to be put someplace else as I don't use the machine to make my coffee. 

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