Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Little Nook of an English Bookstore in Krakow

A little place I was introduced to two years ago by my literature professor at Jagiellonian University. 
I remember going with my roommate on a very gloomy and cold day in August, 
and was truly hooked. 

It is like a small apartment building tucked away on a residential street that is floor to ceiling books.  The halls leading to the next rooms are just as crammed with English books, from Game of Thrones to Rick Steves to trashy romance novels to translations of beautiful Polish literature.

Not only can you sit around and climb the ladders to get a book (anyone thinking about Beauty and the Beast?) you can get amazing snacks here too. *taken from their website)

I highly suggest the coffee and espresso (double for the extra coffee jolt) After drinking student dorm instant coffee and Lipton tea, I needed that taste of home, this was it. 

I haven't tried any of the cold drinks, but there was a guy near me who 
had the wines and said they were pretty good. 

Can I just say, a cold day, a good book and comfy chairs to curl up in with a great cup of soup. AUGH. amazing. 

Okay, the creme de la creme. They have proper brownies and chocolate chip cookies. I mean proper homemade, imported chocolate chips for their cookies. 

My fellow NYCers. Hello bagels. Now these aren't the amazing NYC bagels we love, but it's close enough. You can have them toasted too. 

The prices for books vary from almost jaw dropping cheap to pricy, with honestly no real rhyme or reason to some of their pricing, but hey, sometimes you just need a smutty cheap read for the train someplace and then just leave it there. 

Since being there 2 years back, they have extended their hours (woohoo) for the bookworms! 
Overall this is just a great place to curl up for the better part of the day, even when your feet hurt from walking around, and you just need an "alone" day. 

The best way to get there is as follows: 
1. Get to Teatr Bagatela (by Jagiellonian University)
2. Follow around the Krakow Planty perimeter on Straszewskiego
3. Make a right onto Smolensk and remain for a block or two until
4. Make a left onto Felicjanek
5. It's the corner building that is very easy to miss so keep your eyes peeled!

Happy Travels!
Ps. They also have an online store, but nothing compares to actually being in there. Did I mention there are books EVERYWHERE!?

*All photos from the Massolit website, I am not affiliated with them in any way. Other than just being an avid lover of books and massive caffeine*

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