Friday, September 18, 2015

My Weight Loss During Travel

So for me, traveling and weight loss don't go in the same sentence.  
When I travel to a different country I want to try every possible interesting looking dish available.  
Granted yes, when I travel I tend to walk...a lot. 
I usually gain about 3-10 pounds depending on what I do, (ie. drinking on the beach, eating dishes that are full fat and laden with cream and butter)

Throughout this year I've been slowly trying to lose my weight as I had hit the heaviest I had ever been back around January at 200.4 pounds. I changed little things and prior to my trip I was at 183.5. 

Then came the trip. 
2.5 months in Eastern Europe where the yogurts are full fat, the cheese is full fat, the dishes are delicious and non-pasteurized beer (and amazing micro-brews) run rampent. 
There was Poland with amazing dishes, although I can say I cooked at home most nights there.  I did have two meals with pierogi, but after that I had my fill.  I had quiches, sandwiches, chicken and rice combos, but my crutch was those beers. 

There was Athens, Greece which was stall after stall of natural and proper Greek yogurts including a goat milk Greek yogurt (AMAZING). There was tons of different meats, cheeses, fresh squeezed fruit juices, but also about 10 kilometers in 95F heat. So most days were by the beach. 

Then Paris. That was an interesting food adventure. I had plenty of wine, but also every cheese I could try, fresh bagguettes, pastries, meats and pates, fancy duck and suckling pig. There were delights for the eyes and the stomach! But we walked each day 20 kilometers! (we slept super well). 

So when I got back home, my big fear was "oh no....I gained".  Since I was writing my thesis in Poland, I spent most of my days glued to the computer or in my archive. So I didn't venture out as much as one would think.

But, I returned home. Weighed myself and am so happy to announce that I am 183.3! After all the gluttonous eating and drinking, I have remained the same size.  What I also learned being back home after a week, I don't crave American candy bars, or chips, or soda. How cool is that!?

According to my food tracker, if I keep up my pace, I'll reach my first goal of 175.5 pounds in about 5 weeks! Wow. I haven't been that weight in so long, and I liked how that distribution looked on me. 

Let me know in the comments if you want to hear more updates like this, I will happily keep them up. Perhaps also show my go to snacks and meals! 

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