Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gradient Nails

I posted not to long ago that I disliked the OPI Its Hippo to be Square, 
but I think I cracked the code of how to use it 
in an enjoyable way.  

Now by this point, that polish has gotten pretty thick, and even though I polish thinner
it's a hassle to still deal with (plus I'm low on my thinner anyways)
But, I remembered that Cherish, from the youtube channel PrettyPistol86
had amazing gradient nails and referred me to Mary, or ALoveTart's

I figured, that if the polish is too thick to use on its own, 
I can try to sponge it onto my nails and slowly use it up that way. 
I was a little concerned that the sponge would soak up way too much, and could
potentially create a lot of waste, BUT
it really didn't.  
I probably used about the same or little less than what I would have used in a mani.  

My other polishes I used included: 
- Rimmel 60 Seconds Polish in 120 Hot Chilli Pepper
-Lovely Summer Trend Nr. 8
- Sephora by OPI It's Hippo to be Square
-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener Top Coat

I used a triangle makeup sponge, and overall I really like the look. 

Some tips I would add though:

-Once you finish one hand, cut the used portion and start new because the polish builds up and leaves bumps due to previous dried polish.  A fresh sponge will make it smoother. 

-If using three colors, make the middle portion bigger than the upper and lower, as you wiggle the sponge the colors will mix and the middle color will start to disappear.  

I can't wait to try to use this method on other older polishes that are too thick even after polish thinner.  
What color combos will you try?

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